Managed IT Solutions and the benefits of using an experienced MSP.

Managed IT Solutions and the benefits of using an experienced MSP.

Managed IT Solutions refer to the outsourced management and maintenance of an organization’s IT infrastructure, systems, and applications. An experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP) will provide a range of services such as monitoring, maintenance, and support to ensure that an organization’s IT environment is running smoothly and securely.

The benefits of using an experienced MSP for your needs include:

  • Cost savings: Outsourcing IT management to an MSP can be more cost-effective than hiring an in-house IT team. MSPs often provide a flat-rate or subscription-based pricing model, which can help organizations budget for IT costs more effectively.
  • Expertise: An experienced MSP will have a team of IT experts who are skilled in managing and maintaining various types of IT systems and applications. This can provide an organization with access to a higher level of IT expertise than they would have in-house.
  • Scalability: An MSP can quickly adjust the level of service they provide to an organization as their IT needs change. This can be particularly useful for organizations that experience rapid growth or have seasonal fluctuations in demand.
  • Proactive maintenance: An experienced MSP will use monitoring and management tools to proactively identify and address potential IT issues before they cause disruptions to an organization’s operations.
  • Security: An experienced MSP will have the knowledge and resources to implement and maintain effective security measures to protect an organization’s IT systems and data from cyber threats.
  • Compliance: An experienced MSP will be aware of industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements and can help organizations meet these requirements.

Overall, working with an experienced MSP for Managed IT Solutions can provide organizations with a range of benefits including cost savings, expertise, scalability, proactive maintenance, security, and compliance, which helps to improve overall business operations and reduce risk.

4 Cybersecurity Blunders That Could Cost You Your Business

4 Cybersecurity Blunders That Could Cost You Your Business

You’re laser-focused on running your business and that’s a good thing. But have you focused on keeping all of that hard work safe from cyber threats? If not, you could be making a fatal mistake. Whether you trust your IT needs to a company like Computer Networking Resources or want to take some steps on your own, not thinking seriously about cybersecurity could be what causes your business to fail. Here’s where so many other small businesses go wrong, too — and how you can keep your business from becoming another statistic:

1. Businesses Don’t Have a Disaster Plan

If you live near the coast, you wouldn’t wait until a warning to prepare your home for hurricane season, right? So why wait until your business is attacked by online criminals to come up with a disaster recovery and response plan? Having a plan in place now will make recovery easier.

Your plan doesn’t need to be complicated in order to work. In fact, a plan only needs to be simple, budget-friendly, and adaptable in order to be truly effective. It should also be 100% secure, and this means including tiers of fortification around IT frameworks, streamlined data management, and regular penetration testing. There are services available to help you develop such a recovery plan.

2. Business Owners aren’t Aware of Threats

Planning for recovery is key for businesses, but so is being aware of current threats. Some of the most prevalent types of attacks on businesses include ransomware, social engineering, and DDoS attempts. Ransomware has seen a lot of press lately, so you may be familiar with this. Educating yourself around the sort of tools online criminals use to target small and medium-sized businesses is critical for being a responsible business owner, so take a closer look at this list and drill down into the details.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of learning about current threats, you can also invest in a full-service IT consulting company to take care of the hard work for you. We provide the expertise and resources you need to stay secure.

3. Owners and Staff aren’t Properly Trained

Awareness is one thing — knowing what to do with the information is another. This is also critical for ensuring your business is fully protected from online threats. Staff members or even owners who are not properly trained around cybersecurity are more likely to fall victim to a scam and leave key information and systems vulnerable as a result.

If you opt to hire an IT consultant, you can ask his professional to help provide the training you and your employees need to avoid leaving your business open to attacks. You can also look for free and low-cost training online, like this helpful one from the Small Business Administration.

4. Businesses don’t Own Up to Mistakes

Let’s say that despite learning about threats, providing the right training, and hiring a consultant, your business is successfully attacked, anyways… You then implement your recovery plan, but don’t notify affected clients and vendors about the breach… Do you think your business is still safe?

If so, you could be making another common cybersecurity mistake. It’s a costly one, too, since many states require companies to disclose data leaks and breaches to all parties involved. Failing to do so could open up your business to hefty fines and consequences.

Lack of transparency will also damage your reputation and ruin any trust you have built with customers and partners. This is true whether your state requires notifications or not. While admitting to mistakes and being honest with the public may be stressful, taking this responsible step is the best way to protect and preserve your relationships with customers.

Cybersecurity can be confusing for businesses, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to be aware of current threats and take concrete steps to prevent them from impacting your operations and profits. If you want to avoid making mistakes and make cybersecurity even easier, consider hiring CNR to handle your IT and securityGet a quote here.

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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

CNR offers your business an affordable, secure, managed cloud service. Our Cloud-based IT support services let you eliminate the maintenance contracts and bulky hardware from your business operations.

CNR handles all your business communications through the cloud, giving you a managed IT service running next-gen software. We offer cloud-based solutions in custom configurations for your business, tailoring it to your needs.

CNRs core cloud services include public, private and hybrid cloud solutions designed to empower you with complete control over your business requirements.

Keep up with innovations and updates without purchasing significant hardware upgrades. CNR offers an IT helpdesk and IT support services to manage your cloud computing needs.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

An Ounce of Prevention Can Save Thousands

Our managed IT services protect your network and systems from cyberattacks. We’ll protect your computing, applications, and infrastructure with expertise. As your preferred MSP managed service provider, CNR offers your company affordable protection against bad actors on the internet.

Our advanced cybersecurity protocols are easy to implement and fully managed so you can carry on with your business while we offer you managed IT support for your cybersecurity needs.

CNRs managed cybersecurity service offering deals with threats as they evolve, using a smart and responsive strategy to stop the threat before it causes any damage to your systems or network.

Our security professionals remove the hassle of round-the-clock monitoring by your internal IT staff, allowing them to focus on other aspects of your business infrastructure.

Data Recovery and Backup Planning

Data Recovery and Backup Planning

Good backups are only slightly less important than your heartbeat. Do not do business without them!

With CNR managing your network, you get backup of your data, with fast recovery if your networks go down for any reason. CNR monitors and validates your backups, and you don’t have to stress about creating backups, logs, or errors.

We’ll monitor your backup system and maintain it to the highest quality standards. With outsourced IT support for your network and systems, you can get on with business while protecting and preserving your data.

CNR offers your business a managed IT service with a secure data center and plenty of cloud storage monitored by experts. With CNR in charge of your IT support services, your business can recover from any disaster in a matter of minutes.

Virus and Ransomware Protection

Virus and Ransomware Protection

Is Your Network Protected?

Chances are you’re more than familiar with the term “anti-virus.” Many companies rely on unmanaged software solutions to protect the network against cyberattacks.

CNR presents you with a managed anti-virus software solution for your business. Your managed service provider installs anti-virus and ransomware protection on your network and machines, ensuring your business is safe from cyberattack.

CNRs managed IT service ensures your scanners receive updates timeously, patching any weak points in your network and device security. We schedule scans and updates to execute at convenient times after hours, so it doesn’t interfere with your workflow.

The CNR team takes care of every aspect of your network and device security, protecting you from cyber threats.